The Idea

Whenever I was asked what do you want to do? What is your why? Have you found your purpose? In the past I always gave pause because the only thing I could summon up is my love for all things literary and how picking up book blogging changed my life. This has made me sure that my purpose, my why is within the literary establishments and I’m slowly discovering and carving out my place in it.

Bookish Species came to be because, I noticed something, small, but incredibly important and needed, as the thoughts were always nagging me. I love the fact that there are so many societies for content creators in Nigeria. I’m always eager to join them because it’s a good way to learn. After joining a couple I realised they all have one major issue, they cater mainly to the various kinds of lifestyle content creators.

When tips and advice were given it mainly never related to the content I create; it always how to make the best use of the digital media platforms to promote themselves, but nothing I could really put use feasibly in the online literary scene.

It had me thinking of how to take on some of the issues and let literary content creators like me be seen. I don’t have the full answer, nor has Bookish Species solved the problem, but it has helped other literary content creators feel appreciate and know they have a society which has their best interest at heart.

— Lara Kareem, Founder

Bookish Species

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Bookish Species organises literary events!

Bookish Species hosts gatherings for literary lovers in Lagos, Nigeria⁠—The get togethers occur in aesthetically pleasing spaces that are comfortable and cozy spaces for literary lovers.

These events are highly interactive and are designed to please literary lovers, as attendees engage in various literary activities such as discussions and games for the sole purpose of having fun. 


A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it or offer your own version in return.