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Starting up a blog: WordPress Site Design.


There is something about WordPress that has to be noted. which powers a lot of sites, as it gives everyone who signs up a free site, and if you’re not satisfied offers paid plans, but it’s not compulsory you get a plan aside from the free one.

WordPress.Org is a site which helps many people who are self-hosting but using WordPress. This is paid hosting, there is no free plan, apart from widgets and plugins, which can be found at It has a lot more flexibility than and you can do a lot with it.

Both have a very similar interface especially if the self-hosted site has Jetpack enabled, makes running the site a lot easier and smoother.

p.s. the links provided lead to more detailed explanations of what is being discussed, and most provide detailed screenshots and videos.

The Blog’s Theme

The first aspect of designing a blog is choosing the right theme…

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