Literary Tips

Your Blogging Voice and Style

Why your blogging voice and style matters. Blogging Authenticity Why blog if you won’t let yourself be heard? Each and every one of us, who take blogging seriously and are now members of the Blogosphere has a voice. The Voice I’m referring to is showcased in the way we write, what we create and how …

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Writing Book Reviews

Need a guide? How to write a Book Review. A book review should be full of nothing but the reader’s honest opinion. Doesn’t matter if you bought the book, borrowed it or got it from the author or publisher. Every writer has a voice, the voice is what determines a review because if a review …

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Blog Design

Starting up a blog: WordPress Site Design. WordPress There is something about WordPress that has to be noted. which powers a lot of sites, as it gives everyone who signs up a free site, and if you’re not satisfied offers paid plans, but it’s not compulsory you get a plan aside from the free …

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