Content Creation for Literary / Book Bloggers

I have a book blog. What content do I post?

Consistently putting out blogging content can be very hard or easy depending on if you’ve figured out your niche(s), what works for you and your schedule. But you don’t have to worry about figuring out your niche since this is a guide for Literary Blogging. Which means your niche mainly deals with the literary world and the fact that there are thousands of people who have literary blogs, content creation couldn’t be easier.

In this post I’ll be listing and explaining various kinds of subjects (lol at my use of that word) literary bloggers can create content on to post about.

Book Reviews

One of the most important things about Literary Bloggers is the fact we write reviews about the books we read, we’re under appreciated marketers of books, because, with our reviews and feelings about certain books, we put it in the faces of other people and more times than not convince a person to get or not get the book. Book Reviews are very important and help draw in readers for and subscribers to your blog.

Quick Tip – You can refer to this post if you need help Writing Book Reviews


I love memes, they can go from short to very long, but it’s always fun to participate in memes, what are blogging memes?

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