How to Legally get Free eBooks & Books

Free books? There are many legal options.

There are so many ways to legally get eBooks and I really don’t know why everyone isn’t in the know or taking huge advantage of the methods. Okay I know it could be because lack of awareness or people not knowing sources exist but today I’m going to share with you some of the tried and tested methods that worked for me.

On World Book and Copyright Day, I shared an Instagram post in which I spoke about the illegal acquisition of books, which went like:

I see some ebook Instagram stores on here that started following me and my blood boils because I can bet none of them has the right to resell the ebook because really are you paying the publisher or the author their due percentage? I don’t think so. A lot of people don’t understand that the profit on a book sold is very little, and most times authors get like 10%-30% or even less most times. So when you’re illegally sharing someone else’s intellectual property for your own profit, just know you are a thief, there’s no two way about it. if you call yourself a creative and are all about how you don’t want anybody else to steal your content or your ideas, but you engage in illegal acquiring of books, you’re a big time hypocrite and need to check yourself because #karmaisabitch

I think you get my drift on the topic, so now unto the ways to get you some free books…

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