Bookish Species

The meaning behind Bookish Species is very plain, it means the group of humans who are bibliophiles. Bibliophiles are the avid readers, book lovers and collectors of the world.

The main aim of Bookish Species is to grow and encourage the reading culture, in Nigeria. Therefore creating a space and platform that brings together and grows a community of literary readers, as well as also being a guide for readers on becoming new or better literary bloggers and also introducing them to the online literary community.

If you ask an average Nigerian, they are always quick to say that Nigerian’s do not read. Which isn’t completely true, yes the average Nigerian doesn’t read, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a percentage of the Nigerian population who read.

I noticed that the reading culture in Nigeria and other West African nations is limited to Academic or Business reading. The average Nigerian reader views the act of reading for leisure, most particularly reading fiction as a waste of time and we want to change that as we have come to discover that there’s a large community of reader’s in the Nigerian society at large and by building a society, we can encourage and get more Nigerian’s to read, not only when it comes to school or work.

Many publishing firms in Nigeria are slowly evolving and getting with the times. With many of the indie publishing firms not being concerned about the quality of the books that they are publishing, or the demographics of the readers, as many are only interested in earning back the cost of production. With Bookish Species I want to highlight and shine the light on books, authors and publishing firms who are striving to do the right thing when it comes to publishing quality books.

Bookstores are slightly better and are gradually growing but many do not have a wide variety of books that appeal to the various types of readers. And when they do the prices of these books might be too expensive for the average reader. This has greatly discouraged reading culture and adds to the rampant book piracy going on in Nigeria. I want to change that with Bookish Species by building partnerships with members in the literary establishments and the readers so we can come up with cost-effective alternatives to create better access to all genres.

So far so good I’ve pushed my love for reading fiction with my blog and social media pages, where I’ve encouraged a great number of people to read.

With Bookish Species I want to do more by providing and sharing places to legally get books (free & paid) and readers who are bloggers tips on how to grow their blogs.

I know in order to reach more people and build a community that will change and impact the Reading Culture in Nigeria, I have to think bigger and also make moves that change inducing.

That is why I want to start by establishing and building this online base for readers, before implementing more great ideas.

Lara is a twenty-something, literary enthusiast who loves sharing her love for books online, an aspiring writer, blogger of all things & lover of life. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also in love with her smol doggo Benz.

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