Reader Appreciation Award


Bookish Species is all about promoting¬† reading culture, in a way that’s fun, engaging and encouraging. Over at Bookish Species, readers are very important, especially the ones who share their love for reading online on the various social networking platforms. (Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc.)

This is why an award previously known as Book Fests Award as be rebranded to what is now the Reader Appreciation Award. Where the Book Fests Award focused on bloggers, this new award isn’t limiting at all as anyone who considers themself a reader can be awarded.

It is an award for readers by readers, as readers are the ones awarding each other. This award is a token of appreciation, an acknowledgement of the effort that goes into actively sharing and discussing books to garner the interest of others as well as encourage people to pick up a book and read.

Like every other award, there are rules to be followed and questions to answer and a little challenge to do.

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