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Starting up a blog: Selecting the right host.


The beauty about blogging is your blog can be whatever you make it out to be, it’s solely in your control.

Researching and planning is the key to successfully starting any kind of blog. This enables you to know the pros and cons when it comes to the niche(s) you’ve decided on embarking on. But in this case, you’re already decided as this is to give you an idea of starting a Literary Blog.

To start a blog, there are two important steps that have to be implemented first.

1. Selecting your Host

Web hosting is the service that powers your blog on the internet. It’s what enables you and others to see your blog and this step is extremely important.

As a beginner blogger, there are lots of things to consider, as there are free and paid options for hosting. The best advice is to start with the free options first before moving to the paid options for hosting.

In selecting a hosting platform the things to consider are…

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