Writing Book Reviews

Need a guide? How to write a Book Review.

A book review should be full of nothing but the reader’s honest opinion. Doesn’t matter if you bought the book, borrowed it or got it from the author or publisher. Every writer has a voice, the voice is what determines a review because if a review is honest, it comes from the heart. It’s the writing of our reading experience, the good, bad and ugly.

A review can start off with us loving a book and at the end of writing it, we come to the realisation we actually hated the book or vice versa. That is to say, reviews are unique and we should never think we always have to stick to a certain required template or format.

Kinds of Book Reviews

There are many kinds of reviews that we’ll come across, listed below are a few.

Balanced Review: This a review that outlines all the pros and cons of a story, an unbiased review. This kind of review helps other potential readers to know what to expect if they decide to read a book.

Academic Review: This is the kind of review our language/literature school teacher’s expect us to write about the books we’ve read. The lessons we’ve learnt, the hiding messages, symbolism, the similes, use of plot devices, and making use of smart and bourgeois (bougey 😉) looking words etc.

Informative/In-Depth Review: This review covers all the ground. Nothing is left out in this kind of review, subject matter, writing style, character development, pacing, use of language, quotes etc. It’s similar to an academic…

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