Your Blogging Voice and Style

Why your blogging voice and style matters.

Blogging Authenticity

Why blog if you won’t let yourself be heard? Each and every one of us, who take blogging seriously and are now members of the Blogosphere has a voice. The Voice I’m referring to is showcased in the way we write, what we create and how we show it to the world, our own special kind of style, which makes our contents our own.

It’s quite easy to lose one’s voice when blogging, due to various factors and I’m going to explain some of the ways bloggers can lose their voices and style below and why it’s always good to stay true to our voices.


Your blog is getting next to zero visits and it seems no one likes what you write, so you decide to copy someone else’s style just because the person is getting all the things you want for your own blog. The thing is when you copy someone else’s posting style directly instead of merging whatever it is you adopt from someone else with your flow to make it your own, you’re going to burn out and lose the passion you had for blogging because there’s no originality to the content you’re putting out. Being creative and exploring new ideas is what makes all the work we put into our blogs pay-off trust me because your personality shines through to your readers.


Herd mentality! Think outside the box, just because everyone else is doing something, doesn’t mean you also have to do it. It’s so easy to fall for this in the Literary blogging community, because of how so many books get hyped…

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